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CalTrax™ Sandwich Light Encapsulated

CalTrax™ - Sandwich Light Encapsulated is a standard CalTrax™ polyurethane sandwich surface but added is a light encapsulating coat of one component polyurethane spray to help lock in the EPDM rubber granules in the wearing coat.  The light encapsulating coat is applied in two spray coats containing no spray rubber.  This results in extended life of both the surfacing and track striping.



The CalTrax™ - Sandwich Light Encapsulated System consists of:
10 mm Paved SBR Base-Mat
Impermeable, Two-Component Poured-in-Place Wearing Layer
Installed Using Specifically Designed Sports Paving and Metered-Mixing Machines
Embedded or Encapsulated EPDM Rubber Top Coating
Meets IAAF Certified
Comprehensive Warranty