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Rekortan S / Spurtan BV

Rekortan S / Spurtan BV is a track system that offers “world class” performance for training and competition.  The paved-in-place polyurethane base layer provides exceptional shock absorption.  The two-component polyurethane wearing layer of embedded EPDM granules provides a high energy return, excellent all-weather performance, and spike resistance.  The finished surface is a smooth, virtually seamless surface that makes it outstanding surface for competition and training for both sprinters and distance runners alike; making this the preferred system at the high school and college level.


The Rekortan S / Spurtan BV System consists of:
10 mm Paved SBR Base-Mat
Impermeable, Two-Component Poured-in-Place Wearing Layer
Installed Using Specifically Designed Sports Paving and Metered-Mixing Machines
Embedded or Encapsulated EPDM Rubber Top Coating
Meets IAAF Certified
Comprehensive Warranty