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CalTrax™ Pur


CalTrax™ - Pur is an in-situ applied 3 layered “world class” full pour polyurethane system.  All layers are flow applied self-leveling polyurethane with SBR rubber granules broadcast into the first two layers and EPDM granules in the top layer.  The system features the unique middle layer which uses a special APT polyurethane micro-foam that significantly increases force reduction. The embedded EPDM granule top layer offers excellent all-weather usage, spike resistance, resiliency, steady footing, and maximum UV protection.  Research and development have given this CALTRAX™ Pur track system properties that enable it to be a “world class” track surface for both competition and training.


The CalTrax™ - Pur System consists of:
Impermeable, Full Depth Polyurethane Track System
In-Situ Installed in 3 Layers
Central Layer is Unique M 99 Force Reduction Layer
Embedded EPDM Top Coating
Performance and Durability Proven on the Ground for More Than 20 Years.
Comprehensive Warranty