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CalTrax™ Impermeable Mat Broadcast


The CalTrax™ Impermeable Mat Broadcast is a 100% polyurethane-based sandwich system that offers the outstanding performance, durability and spike resistance of the CalTrax™ Sandwich system.  It also provides substantial savings in cost over the CalTrax™ - Sandwich system and has improved performance and durability over the Impermeable Mat Spray system at a small additional cost.

The wearing layer of flow-applied two-component polyurethane and broadcast EPDM granules is modified by using (1-2mm) EPDM granules.  It is about 60% the thickness of the sandwich wearing coat, but is almost twice the thickness of the Impermeable Mat Spray wearing coat.  This system is recommended for installation in windy areas and around synthetic fields where a high quality, cost effective surface is required.

The CalTrax™ Impermeable Mat Broadcast Track System consists of:
10 mm Paved SBR/Polyurethane Binder Base-Mat
Impermeable, Two-Component Sealer Layer
Flow Applied Two-Component Polyurethane Flood Coat with Micro-Embedded EPDM Finish
Installed Using Specifically Designed Sports Paving and Mixing Machines
Proven Durability and Low Maintenance
Comprehensive Warranty