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Resurfacing 5mm

The CalTrax Resurfacing System is a poured-in-place polyurethane overlay that is designed to resurface and upgrade existing polyurethane tracks. It features a layer of flow-applied polyurethane with embedded or encapsulated EPDM granules.  Resurfacing provides a durable, resilient, virtually seamless, textured all-weather surface that will both significantly extend the track life and improve its resilience. The polyurethanes are manufactured in the USA and is installed by trained craftsmen employed by California Track & Engineering, Inc.


The Caltrax Resurfacing System consists of:
Thorough Cleaning of the Existing Track Surface
Minor Repairs as Necessary to the Existing Track Surface
A Layer of Poured-in Place Two Component Polyurethane with a Broadcast Embedded or Encapsulated EPDM Rubber Granule Finish
Layout and Installation of Striping
Comprehensive Warranty