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Rekortan® G-10


Rekortan® G-10 is a 2 layer, 10mm, impermeable full pour system. The base layer consists of a self levelling PU made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. The top layer is a flood and chip topcoat made from 100% solid polyurethanes and embedded in EPDM rubber granules.




 Rekortan® G-10 System consists of:
Avg 6 mm base layer consisting of SBR rubber and Qualipur 5050-G. 
Avg 4 mm top layer consisting of Qualipur 5051 and EPDM rubber granules.   
Featuring APT's unique polyurethane which is 57% renewable.
Can be adjusted to meet your force reduction needs
Top layer poured-in place installation for a seamless finish
Embedded surface ensures excellent all weather performance and spike resistance 

Premium colors available upon request 

                          APT takes great pride in the Rekortan G-10. Made from polyurethanes and composed of natural resources for its base layer - it is the track of the future. APT is the leader in innovative ideas to help our planet and your athletes be successful.