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CalTrax™ Mat Spray

The CalTrax™ Mat Spray is a 100% polyurethane-based, base-mat/structural spray track system that offers exceptional all-weather performance and spike resistance. The paved-in-place base layer provides exceptional shock absorption allowing safe long-term training. The pigmented polyurethane/EPDM structural spray coat provides a highly textured and durable wearing layer. The finished track system is a smooth, virtually seamless surface with outstanding performance characteristics and durability. The CalTrax™ Mat Spray style track has been a popular choice for high schools installing polyurethane tracks for nearly 20 years. California Track uses only time-tested polyurethane manufactured by Advanced Polymer Technology, Inc.

The CalTrax™ Mat Spray polyurethane is made in the USA and is free of mercury and other harmful heavy metals by design.

The CalTrax™ Mat Spray Track System consists of:
12 mm Paved SBR/Polyurethane Binder Base-Mat
Highly Texturized Pigmented Polyurethane/EPDM Rubber Structural Spray Coat
Installed Using Specifically Designed Sports Paving and Mixing Machines
Proven Durability and Low Maintenance
Comprehensive Warranty